ARGAN precisely my personal section who knows when someone you’ll was to help you steal their to own his bride-to-be?

therefore the facts are, yes, I did lock the woman in her area to save her safer up until I have partnered the girl as no body knows how to make a beneficial long lasting partnership these days the continual give and take in this the fresh new zone out of commitment and you will consensus right here, i would ike to show you render myself your hands okay, now remove, good, push, a great combat! overcome! give and take give-and-take just

TINA due to the fact age isn’t about precisely how decades you really have already been real time but exactly how years you have left!

since the human beings always reside in the ocean and also you think: we do not live around any longer. yet ,, indeed, we simply took the ocean with our company whenever we arrived into the property. The fresh new uterus is actually a sea really, infants start in a sea, and human blood gets the exact same concentration of sodium once the ocean liquid. No number in which we’re on top of a hill or in the center of a wasteland, whenever we scream otherwise perspiration, we cry otherwise sweating sea water. And therefore we need to replenish these nutritional value that come from the water.

step 3. Daughters get into

SUSANA that you don’t know what do you really believe, Julie, you are what age now? you do not have any tip what you’re talking about however, also if relationship have been smart in certain standard conceptual ways it isn’t ideal for all of our father! just who is always to, by now, getting emphasizing to be an adult people planning ahead of grandchildren and you can passing away

JULIE I am saying it may be you may have no feeling of grace otherwise tact or owing to otherwise simply niceness, honestly, Susana when you are perhaps not nice if you ask me therefore never was

JULIE Your broke up with him, Susana, you dumped him and you will frankly I’m not sure why while the he is actually a pleasant guy he constantly is a fantastic man I constantly think you used to be fortunate and if your dumped him well I am not sure I got constantly envision he had been an extraordinary person and then he simply seemed so disconsolate

VOICEOVER [unofficially, soothingly] And your daily diet don’t forget seaweed nori, digitata, kelp, bladderwrack because the system will be just take within the products which come regarding wet towns and cities and why would be the fact?

SUSANA He appreciated your! He appreciated your! You know what one function as he states the guy enjoys you?

SUSANA When he states they so you can someone. Because guys you are aware: males they will certainly say anything to mix it up for a great whilst in their undergarments they don’t also value your that they had become just as happy running within aisles off Victoria’s Secret rubbing up against the silk and lace and you can using on their own for all it worry about you!

SUSANA And it’s really gonna be your Hot Estisk Girl own personal, as well now that you have eliminated wearing bluish jeans and you can to relax and play softball into the people

JULIE You never understand what Used to do or didn’t manage. That you do not understood what i previously performed. You don’t learn me. You don’t know me also slightly never pretend your know anything on the me. Since you never cared throughout the me. No no, you can not you simply can’t, no try not to take action dont get it done any longer Merely prevent they.

SUSANA Browse exactly how things have turned-out in daily life personally! My sister rips away from my sweetheart. Dad features a bride secured regarding rooms upstairs! Any type of occurred so you’re able to families that cared for both? Exactly what? Their family members’ shortage of to you personally? the a few girl who will be devoted to you delighted, really, to help you give up their unique lives when it pertains to that and look after you in your dotage we don’t care whenever you are resting on your wheelchair together with your throat dangling unlock spittle powering off your chin as we love both you and we shall care and attention for your requirements through to the prevent!

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